Logo Dockers by Gerli

Brand Strategy

Brand Mission

Our goal is to offer men, women and children the perfect shoe - modern, fashionable and manufactured with passion and love for the product.

Brand Vision 

We want to be one of the most famous and popular shoe brands worldwide and build on our long-standing tradition. We not only offer a very attractive price-performance ratio in all catagories and for all target groups, but also a strong and nameful brand as well as our in-depth kow-how and extensive experience in the field of shoe production.

Brand Iconographie

Our Logo & Our Colours

Die Markenikonografie ist das innere Bild einer Marke, das durch Attraktivität, Einzigartigkeit und Klarheit einer Marke geprägt wird. Unser Logo birgt einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert entlang aller Berührungspunkte mit einem Kunden. Seit Beginn unserer Geschichte repräsentieren wir unsere Produkte mit auffälligem Logo, geprägt durch den berühmten Dockers by Gerli Orange-Farbton.


Light weight

Extra-light materials ensure high wearing comfort and lightness.

Replacable footbed

Replace your footbed. Change or insert your individual soles according to your needs.


The upper is welted directly to the sole to maximize durability and stability.

Real leather

We use real, high-quality leather in all variations.

Soft insock

The patented "Soft Insock" sole made of gel significantly relieves the strain on the heel. The stability remains unchanged and guarentees with high wearing comfort. 

Hightech Docktex

Die patentierte Docktex Membran ist wasserabweisend und sorgt für trockene Füße

Plant a tree

With the purchase of this shoe, Dockers by Gerli plants a tree together with Eden Projects.

Eco friendly

Diese Schuhe wurden mit recyceltem und nachhaltigem Material verarbeitet.